If you’re interested in boosting website visitors through search engines, you have two main options available to you – pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO). PPC involves paying Google to appear in their sponsored results at the top of the page, and SEO is all about working to achieve natural rankings within the main [...]

Choosing social media representation can be tricky as every prospective candidate may have their selling points – but one factor you should not forget is the location of the firms. This is not just an arbitrary detail, as it could easily have a significant impact on the success of your social media activity. Unless you [...]

I’ll come clean; I’m not that big a fan of social media, which I believe today, makes me a bit anti-social. I use Twitter for fun (alright, looking at pictures of shoes) and LinkedIn cos a recruitment agent told me to. The rest of them don’t really Google Plus my world, does anybody feel a [...]

The name of the game when establishing a website is all about conversion rate. Conversion rate is the measure used to determine how many viewers of your website are doing what you want them to do according to your pre-determined parameters. For example, it may be that your objective for the website is to get [...]

Copywriting for SEO has moved on tremendously since people were stuffing their articles with keywords and links in the hope of attracting page views. Google’s Penguin update has forced all to think more carefully about creating quality content, a move Matt Cutts described as ‘levelling the playing field’ to oust those who are ‘overdoing’ their [...]

Online marketing is a great industry to be in – some say it’s one of the few that’s weathered the recession (along with candy making, debt collection and child care!). It doesn’t mean it’s not scientific and specialist, though, and SEOs are generally smart people with backgrounds in all kinds of disciplines ranging from computer [...]